Web Empire Limited

Terms and conditions

All prices shown on this website includes vat.

Website design, development and delivery

  • Your website will be built using a per-designed WordPress theme. Website package pricing does not include customising the theme or adding new features. Customisation and introducing new features will include charges.
  • We will apply your logo and branding, images, content and adjust the template to fit your content requirements as the content fits the general layout and style of the templates.
  • You will get 2 rounds of change requests to the branding application.
  • During the feedback process we require you to provide us with detailed and constructive feedback. For example: “I don’t like this colour” is not good feedback. Instead specify the colours you like with examples.
  • To deliver the website (or other products/services) on time, we require your feedback, content, branding details, images and other requirements on time.
  • The Client’s approval of all work will be assumed 14 days after the work has been submitted to the Client for review and approval, unless the client indicates otherwise in writing.


Contract period and terms

  • There is no mimimum contract period
  • The maximum contract period is 6 months
  • If the contract is terminated , you will not be charged for the following months
  • Direct Debit or a valid credit card is required prior to start designing/developing your website
  • Monthly fees will be charged at the start of each month. First payment for your website will be charged immediately from the following month.
  • For maintenance, security and quality assurance purpose, your website hosting must be organised through us
  • Any stock photography we are required to purchase may be charged as extra costs


Ending the contract

  • You can end the contract anytime by simply contacting us
    • Example: If you register for ‘Start-up’ package which is $39 and If you decide to end the contract after the first 2 months, you can do so by contacting us through our contact page with all your Member Id details
  • Once the above has been fulfilled, we will
    • Backup your website files including all images and content and hand it over to you as a ZIP file
    • Domains and email management will be handed over to you or your new service provider
    • If you are using our email marketing system and want to switch that off, we will download the data from your email marketing account as a CSV file
  • Once we hand over the website as a ZIP file, you or your new supplier is responsible for setting up the website. You will also have to set up your email addresses and email accounts. This will effect email and website downtime.


Design Innova’s Online Billing Service
As a client you will be added into Design Innova’s online billing system and will be issued with a log in username and password to your account with us. Online billing system will enable you to view your account statement and manage your contact details.

Design Innova has the right to delete or suspend your account or archive your data such as invoices and quotes. It is your responsibility to make copies of these documents for tax and other purposes. If you have trouble logging in to your billing account you may email us on [email protected].


Development time and payment
We will aim to complete your website with in 2-3 weeks from the contract start date. Your first payment will be charged at the beginning of the month following the estimated completion time. We assume that you will supply all requirements including feedback, images and content on time. We have allocated a turnaround time of one business day for your feedback.

We will not be responsible for the delays caused due to not providing timely feedback or required content and images on time. Payment for your contract will start as scheduled regardless of the status of your website.

If delays are caused due to our fault, we will hold off the first payment until your website is launched/live.

Technology and updates

    • Technology and Software regularly changes and that may mean that to maintain functionality of a Website or plugins used on your website (i.e. image gallery, eCommerce store) you may need to pay for updates or upgrades to Software or licenses, including plugins and apps, or upgrades to your hardware (upgrades). As part of our annual review we will update the the plugins and licenses used on your website if:
      • those expired plug-ins and licenses where part of the original package you subscribed to (i.e. NOT installed by your self, by us or by a 3rd party that was not included on the package)
      • upgrading those expired plug-ins won’t cause functionality issues to other installed plugins that don’t have a compatible upgrade.
    • We are not obliged to upgrade your website version, plugins, licenses. This is a service we offer ONLY if you continue with monthly subscription after the contract period.
    • We will only support plugins and version of the website that was installed and set up by us as part of the original package you subscribed to.



  • Despite Your and Our best efforts sometimes security breaches occur through hacking, viruses, trojans, worms and a variety of other malware (security breach). Where damage is created to Your Website, email accounts, servers, Hosted Exchange, Software or other Products or Services You may incur additional expense to put these matters right.
  • We take no responsibility and are not liable for any loss or damage or expense incurred by You in relation to any technological or Software upgrades of any kind or in relation to any security breach of any kind.
  • As part of our website maintenance process we may back up you website from time to time. However we are not obliged to back-up or hold a back up for you. Additional charges may incur if we are to restore your website from a backup.
  • We take no responsibility and are not liable for any loss or damage incurred by You in relation to the loss of Your data or for Your inability to access Your data.


Website compatibility
We will only support the then current versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari.

Cancellation of a project and refund policy
Cancelling the contract during the first week is possible with a refund of your first month subscription amount. Cancellations after the first week will incur full month subscription fee. Once paid, we will supply all website designs and files produced for you during the design and development phase.

No refunds are given for cancellations unless we did not meet your requirements.

Intellectual Property & Copyright
All created artwork, files, code and documents will be owned by you as long as you remain subscribed to our service and after that it will be transferred in the zip file format

You are not to use or recreate any artwork, concepts, code and documents given to you by Design Innova during the project until you have cancelled our services

Working with third party suppliers

Design Innova uses third party suppliers for services such as web hosting and email marketing. Design Innova may not be liable for issues that arise due to the functionality and service of such third party products and if such issues are raised they will be directed to the supplier.

Email template design services

Copyright of email templates
All email templates shown on the Design Innova template shop (www.Design-innova.com) are the property of Design Innova. You cannot claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of these templates.

When you buy/order one of these templates you are allowed to customise (by yourself or through us) and use it for promoting your business, products or services. Other people including your competitors may buy the template you have chosen/bought, customise it and use it to promote their business, products or services some time later. You are not permitted to resell or redistribute these templates like we do as they are or after customising.


Copyright of sample images shown on the templates
Images used on the template(s) are SAMPLES ONLY. Cost of the templates/designs shown does not include images shown.Sample images shown on these templates are sourced from www.istockphoto.com. Once you purchase a template we will replace these images with suitable images to your business. You are required to supply images. If we are to source images that are relevant to your business or if we are to purchase the sample images shown, extra charges may incur.


Email testing
Email campaigns developed by Design Innova for its clients will be tested in most popular email programs on Windows and Apple platforms and will be optimized for latest version of Outlook, GMail, Hotmail/Live Mail and Yahoo Mail. Optimizing for other email clients (i.e. Lotus Notes, etc) may incur additional charges and design limitations.

Mobile testing will be carried out on the native email app of latest iOS and Android operating systems. Mobile OS’s sudden changes during updates may cause email rendering issues and Design Innova will not be responsible for such issues. Design Innova may investigate and try to find fixes to these issues. This may incur additional charges.